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...because they´re worth it!

It´s difficult to set a fixed price for a breed, because every breed is different (care condition, quality of fur and behaviour).

Here’s an estimate of prices.

You do the best for your dog when you regularly keep-up their care.


  • Possible supplement for extremely matted fur or very difficult behaviour
  • Approach: 5€ until 10km, 10€ from 10 to 30km, from 30km I take 0,40€ per km (from Cas Concos)


For reservations please call me or send me a whatsapp!

Complete Package

(​pawdicure​, nail trimming, ear cleaning, bath, blow dry and then depending on the breed: brushing, trimming, dead hair removal, re-matting, shearing etc.) 


Small breed or Mix:

(e.g. Yorkshire Terrier, Tzi Shu, Malteser, Havaneser, small Schnauzer, small Poodle etc):



Medium breed or Mix:

(e.g. Cocker Spaniel, Medium Schnauzer, Medium Poodle, Foxterrier, Golden Retriever etc):



Large breed or Mix

(z.B. Berner Senner, Neufundländer, Big Schnauzer, Big Poodle, Erdel Terrier etc):



Extra large breed, or very furry:

(z.B. Bobtail):

from 80€


Handstripping is 60€ per hour



(bathing, blow dry, brushing -ideal solution for short hair dogs to remove dead hair by blow drying)

from 25€

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