DogSpa Stefanie Funken
Carrer Cardenal Ros 1
07208 Cas Concos de Cavaller
Teléfono: +34 644 326417+34 644 326417
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My service - for all furs


  • My grooming place

You can bring me your dog and pick up your furry friend ​freshly bathed and groomed. It is no problem if you want to stay to hold the paw :-)



  • Mobile

I offer a complete dog parlour service but in your own home (it depend where). You don´t have to worry about anything and you can carry on with your daily routine.



  • Holiday and Spa

Your dog is at Birgit´s boarding kennel?​ They can have a Spa Holiday :-)

I visit your dog at Birgit’s and you will get him back refreshed and well groomed! 



I have different offers detailed on my price list.


Bath and brush, cut, blow-dry, trimming, nails and paw care, face and ear care, pest elimination...!


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DogSpa Stefanie Funken



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